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Mark D. Goldsmith, P.E.

Registered Petroleum Engineer
Houston, Texas

 Services Offered
Oil & Gas Venture investment review/advisory

I specialize in helping investors make wise and informed decisions about oil deals.  Oil & gas ventures can generate very high return on investment with excellent tax benefits, but investors must be able to choose their opportunities wisely. Most oil & gas investors do not have the intimate knowledge of the industry or the geological and engineering expertise to make an informed decision. I know how to cut to the core of critical information for a speedy evaluation of your investment opportunity by performing the following services: 

  • Run a Credibility Check on company making you the offer; 
  • Make an independent review on integrity of geological and engineering data or other information provided; 
  • Assess risk factor and run economic model for your interest;
You will receive a prompt report via telephone, fax, email and/or hard copy (depending on service level).
 Background & Experience

Since 1984, I have consulted to the oil and gas industry in various onshore USA ventures as a Registered Professional Petroleum Engineer.  In addition to personally investing in oil and gas ventures offered by other companies, I have organized oil & gas ventures and assembled individual investors for my own projects, however I am retired from that part of the oil business.  Therefore, I have been in both camps as investor and venture organizer  My 30+ years oil industry experience managing projects and ventures for groups of investors and drilling/ operating oil and gas wells enables me to be uniquely qualified to evaluate venture opportunities for individuals. 

 Credentials & Affiliations

BS Petroleum Engineering; 1978 University of Texas at Austin
Registered Professional Engineer since 1984 (License #55216)
Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
Houston Geological Society
 Business Terms
 Work Hours & Response Time 

Monday through Friday 7am - 7pm; (some weekends)
Response time usually a few hours after receipt of request and materials, but no longer than end of next business day. Direct telephone contact and Text Messaging available.

 Standard Rates

Level One (up to $5,000 investment): $100 (Flat Rate) for screening and evaluation of venture (faxed from you) with 5 minute summary report by phone. This evaluation is designed to average 1/2 hour of professional time.
Level Two (up to $20,000 investment): $350 (Flat Rate) when a more detailed Engineering, Geological and Legal evaluation is warranted.  Level Two service option includes a Level One screening/evaluation of faxed materials, independent verification of data, well performance and economic projections, DUNS Business Abstract and a localized State Oil & Gas Regulatory Agency Report.  This evaluation is designed to average 2 hours of professional time with research fees included in flat rate.
Level Three (over $20,000 investment): $175 per hour. Investment size over $20,000 or multi-well projects usually warrant a more thorough approach taking three to six hours (or more) and involving our specialist professional team in geology, geophysics, reservoir engineering, and oil & gas law.  Written final report from my office available if needed. (Estimates of billable time are made prior to service).
Hourly (by telephone): $2.00 per minute (first 5 minutes free). Unsure of what service level needed, or general oil & gas questions that don't otherwise fall into the above categories.

Feel free to send a TEXT Message to the above office phone number.